Meridian Exercise Therapy 8 CEUs

This course is designed to educate professionals on the theory of Meridian Exercise Therapy. By strengthening specific muscle regions, it is possible to activate the function of the Meridians and Acupuncture points in the areas of the muscles being strengthened. This theory will enhance the licensee’s ability to effectively counsel the patient, guiding them to activate acupuncture points of the body according to the times of the meridian pathways and by recommending strengthening specific muscle areas. A detailed explanation on how the Meridian crossing times correlates with when one should strengthen the targeted muscles.Targeting different muscles will allow activation of the function of the Acupuncture points located in the area of that muscle. By understanding which muscles to activate and at what time the meridian pathways run, one will be able to activate the functions the Qi and Blood flow through the muscles and open the Meridians, as well as activate the functions of Acupuncture points. This theory provides long term access to improving one's health.

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This course is approved by the California Acupuncture Board for 8 Ceu's in category 1.

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